Bergson Bibliography: Call for contributions


As part of the Global Bergsonism project, the Société des Amis de Bergson is launching a completely new Henri Bergson bibliography using the online Zotero platform.

The most recent complete Bergsonian bibliography, edited by Pete Gunter, dates from 1986. It is urgent that a new bibliography be made available to researchers, updated in two directions: firstly to integrate certain linguistic and cultural areas that are only partially represented by Gunter’s bibliography, (2) and also to present the last 34 years of research, which have been among the most productive for Bergsonian researchers around the world, as well as for the edition of Bergson’s manuscripts, correspondence and courses. The new Bergson Bibliography will be the most comprehensive and accessible directory of Bergson studies. It will be a widely distributed, multilingual bibliography, based on the open source software Zotero, available online without a license. 

The platform allows scholars to add and download bibliographical references and is completely public. The current version may be accessed here

Caterina Zanfi, Miguel Paley, and Matyáš Moravec have been adding new sources into the list, which has now, after only a couple of months’ work, reached over 500 entries. More contributors for different linguistic areas will soon be involved: Virginie Toumbou Noubissie (Yaoundé I), Ben’Listonne Ngoulou Lacka (Gabon) and Fabrice Léonel Zanga Ondoua (Cameroun) will contribute for the African studies; Tadashi Yoshino (Kyoto) and Ryusuke Okajima (Keio)will be in charge of Japanese studies. Other contributors will be selected in the different regions during the course of the project. 

We are currently launching a call for contributions to the bibliography. This can take one of two forms:

a) Contributions. If you are aware of any Bergsonian source (primary or secondary) that you think should be added to the bibliography, please e-mail Matyáš Moravec at this address: We are happy to accept incomplete references, screenshots or photos of bibliographies, or scans of references. Anything Bergsonian goes!

b) Contributors. We are also looking for more people to manage the bibliography. This will consist of having administrative access to the platform, classify sources, look up more information, suggest new categories, tag things etc. This would really allow us to speed up the process and add more sources. If you are interested in taking part in this, please get in touch (

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments concerning the set-up of the bibliography, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you!

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