Online Workshop: Time, Freedom, and Creativity: Bergsonian Perspectives – July 29-30 2021 – Project Bergson in Japan

Dates: July 29, 30.
Time: JST: 17:00-19:00, 21:00-23:00.
Place: Zoom, virtually London (Registeration Required)
Organizers: Project Bergson in Japan and Barry Dainton



17:00-19:00, Chair: Barry Dainton
Yaron Wolf, Coinciding with Time’s Flow: from Perception to the Manifest Image
Yasushi Hirai, Bergson on Causality

21:00-23:00, Chair: Hisashi Fujita
Kaoru Kamiyama, Bergson on Sympathy
Anne Sophie Meincke, With Bergson Towards a New Bio-Processual Metaphysics of Free Will or: Why Contemporary Philosophers of Free Will Ought to Read Bergson


17:00-19:00, Chair: Tatsuya Murayama
Barry Dainton, Unity and Irreducibility
Hisashi Fujita, On Personality: Analytical and Bergsonian Approaches

21:00-23:00, Chair: Yasushi Hirai
Tatsuya Murayama, Bergson on the Indefinability of Freedom
General Discussion

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