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Call for Papers: Brazil Meeting of the Global Bergsonism Research Project (an online webinar) – 18, 24 and 25 of November, 2022


Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar)
University of São Paulo (USP)
Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)
UMR 8547 Pays germaniques – Transferts culturels (CNRS/Ens)

Ernesto Neto, We Fishing the Time, 2001

Based on the pioneering work of Bento Prado Júnior and Franklin Leopoldo e Silva, Bergsonian studies have developed significantly in Brazil over the last 20 years. This includes a thematic diversity that allows a rich dialogue with other scholars around the world. Our participation in the CNRS International Research Network “A Chapter in a Global History of Philosophy : New Perspectives on Bergsonism” intends to expand this exchange even further and, thus, the research horizon around Bergson’s philosophy. The openness of his thought, related to the fundamental idea of the continuous transformation of time, leads us to strengthen our ties while looking forward to new interlocutors, especially from Latin America, beyond the consolidated connection with France.

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Call for papers : First Annual Meeting of the Global Bergsonism Research Project

First Annual Meeting of the

Global Bergsonism Research Project

November 6-7, 2020

Penn State University

Nittany Lion Inn

University Park, PA, USA

Henri Bergson’s writings and the ‘Bergsonian’ approach, especially questions of time, human freedom, evolution, memory, and society dramatically transformed the intellectual landscape of the 20th century. Thus, Bergsonism as an intellectual, philosophical orientation reached well beyond France and Europe. The research project is about the comprehension and theoretization of this reality. Numerous works were written in many geographical centers on the reception, perception, interpretation, and the reproduction of Bergsonian ideas, but still several questions need to be answered in this process: What is implied by the global nature of Bergsonism and what did the twentieth century intellectuals find in Bergson that was so pertinent to the intellectual, political, and social issues that they experienced?  To what issues did it respond outside of the Western milieu? Who was interested in Bergsonian approaches and for what reasons? Why did certain type of authors harshly react to Bergson? In which creative ways did World Bergsonians see something of their own traditions and solutions to problems of global modernity? Exploring Bergsonism as an example of the globalization of philosophical modernism through these questions will allow us to obtain a clearer understanding of its transformations in particular historical contexts in more detail and across cases. Analyses of Bergson need to be discussed not only by texts written in local languages but also via the social and scholarly context of that specific area.

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Appel à contribution de la revue « Lo Sguardo » : Bergson Live

La revue « Lo Sguardo » (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura) lance un appel à contribution pour un numéro consacré à la philosophie de Bergson.


N. XXVI, février 2018, édité par Federica Buongiorno, Rocco Ronchi, Caterina Zanfi.
Versione italiana / English version

L’histoire de la philosophie d’Henri Bergson (1859-1941) est l’une des plus complexes et problématiques du dernier siècle : de plus en plus populaire au cours de sa vie et de sa carrière, jusqu’à devenir « le » philosophe français par excellence, Bergson était l’auteur d’œuvres – de l’Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience de 1889 aux derniers grands travaux des années 1930 – qui influencèrent de manière décisive les domaines les plus variés de la culture française et européenne du XXe siècle : des traces importantes de sa pensée se trouvent non seulement dans la philosophie qui l’a suivi, mais aussi dans les domaines de la littérature, de la psychologie et de la science, de l’épistémologie, de l’art, de la théologie.

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Appel à contributions – revue Doispontos

La revue Doispontos, fondée en 2004 et classée parmi les premières revues de philosophie au Brésil (basée aux départements de philosophie des Universités de Saõ Carlos et du Paraná), organise un numéro spécial sur Bergson, avec un appel à contributions dont la date limite est fixée au 30 mai.

Les contributions doivent être envoyées à Debora Morato Pinto, correspondante de la Société des amis de Bergson pour le Brésil, à l’adresse internet suivante :